Resolution of the European Parliament over the Artificial Intelligence: fundamental to assist diagnosis, robot-assisted surgery, smart prostheses, personalised treatments and other more

The European Parliament published on 20 January 2021 a resolution on “Artificial intelligence: questions of interpretation and application of international law”. First, the resolution offers a definition of artificial intelligence which means “a system that is either software-based or embedded in hardware devices, and that displays behaviour simulating intelligence by, inter alia, collecting and processing data, analysing and interpreting its environment, and by taking action, with some degree of autonomy, to achieve specific goals”.

In the framework of the health sector, the resolution calls “for all uses of AI in public health to uphold the principle of the equal treatment of patients in terms of access to treatment, preserve the patient-doctor relationship, and be consistent with the Hippocratic Oath at all times, so that the doctor is always able to deviate from the solution suggested by AI, thereby maintaining responsibility for any decision”. Moreover, it underlines that “all uses of AI in the area of public health must guarantee the protection of patients’ personal data and prevent the uncontrolled dissemination of those data”. In the resolution the European Parliament “notes that artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly fundamental role in healthcare, in particular through algorithms to assist diagnosis, robot-assisted surgery, smart prostheses, personalised treatments based on the three-dimensional modelling of an individual patient’s body, social robots to help elderly people, digital therapies designed to improve the independence of some mentally ill people, predictive medicine and epidemic response software”.

Finally, the European Parliament highlights that “artificial intelligence, robotics and related technologies, including the software, algorithms and data used or produced by such technologies, regardless of the field in which they are used, should be developed in a secure and technically rigorous manner”.

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